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Communities gather by coming together, building from the heart a place to reside, to connect and to share common values.

Quaternity started from a single family and has grown into a yogic family. Our community of free and independent yoga practitioners, teachers and students is build on the foundation of love, respect and courage to stay authentic. We respect everyone's path, personal freedom of choice, we do not believe in closing doors to different yoga schools, or any limitations in the yoga world.

Different schools might have different doors to enter the same space of unity, but also complement each other to create richness of the yogic experiences, deeper understanding of transformating and transmuting quality of Yoga. 

This is why we give courage to experiment, be intuitive, listening to your own inner authority, develop it stabilize it and follow it. Courage is what helps us to stay authentic, so we can  inspire others to be authentic with themselves  speaking and acting from the heart center.
Tantra means yoga of the heart.  We practice love and surrender through asanas and pranayamas, and find the broader application in our day to day life.
It is a glue that binds each atom in this universe, and all of us regardless of distance, time and space.
Love is what we all really want in the end; to be loved and to love, to be accepted and to accept, to connect, to share, give and serve. Become Love. This is a real human need flowing from real human nature.

Be part of our Yoga familly!

Quaternity Institute - Yoga

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